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A little about Dawson...

Dawson City is a small historic northen community at the confluence of the Kondike and Yukon Rivers, home for thousands of years to the Han People (now known as the Trondek Hwechin First Nation). Dawson is the site of the 1896-1898 Klondike Gold Rush that brought tens of thousands of fortune-seekers from all over the world. Mining remains one of the town's main industries. Tourism is the region's other major industry.

The Trondek Hwechin First Nation has recently settled its land claim and has joined six other Yukon First Nations in governing their own affairs through self-government.

Dawson City is located about 500km north of Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon. Its winter population is about 2,000. In the summer, the population swells to over 3,500. Dawson has a reputation for friendliness and rugged charm.

Autumn begins in mid-August at this northern latitude and temperatures can go down to below freezing during the night, even in September. The weather can turn extremely cold in October and November when the daylight hours shorten drastically. Due to the remote location of Dawson, fuel and food costs are rather high.

Dawson City is connected to Whitehorse by a major highway. There is bus service between the two communities. There is also air service between Dawson and Whitehorse. There is a school (K through 12) and a child care centre in the community. Further information on Dawson City is available upon request.

The Berton House is a two-bedroom bungalow, located across the street from Robert Service's historic cabin and just up the street from Jack London's Cabin. The Berton House has a kitchen, dining room/study, living room and a bathroom. The house is fully equiped (i.e. sheets, towels, dishes, etc). The house is also equipped with a television, VCR, telephone, and computer printer. The Internet is also available.

Please note: The Berton House has a NO SMOKING and NO PETS policy.

Writers who require extensive library services, big city medical services, and a large urban population are reminded that these are not available in a small community like Dawson.




Photos before Designer Guys, previous furniture was donated by residents